$89 X-Rays, Cleaning & Exam ($356 value)



Get a full cleaning, X-Rays, and ?a comprehensive exam for only $89 ($356 value!). Just call?(512) 271-6600 or Click the link to fill out the form!





Yes, you’ll be getting a full cleaning!



You bet, x-rays are included too!



That’s right, you receive a complete exam from your dentist as well.

Local Dentist Offers $356 Worth of Services for Only $89 to anyone who needs dental help but has never been to a?modern dentist before ? or hasn’t been in a long time.

If you have ever thought about going to a modern dentist but you hesitated because you weren’t sure it was right for you ? or the costs would be too high ? please read on?

My name is Dr. Behmanesh, and I recently decided to make a special offer to anyone in the local area who?s currently in need of dental help and would like fast, simple, affordable relief.

I’ve agreed to ?give away? (to anyone who asks for it) $356 worth of my services for only $89? and there is absolutely no obligation on your part to ever come in again.

That?s right ? JUST $89. And it includes a cleaning, exam, and x-rays!

It?s a very unique opportunity to see for yourself, on your own terms, if a visit to a skilled ?modern? (high-tech) dentist like myself can help you or not.

So if you?ve always wanted to check out what modern dentistry can do for you ? fixing your dental problems with NO PAIN ? NO FEAR ? and at a LOW COST ? then now is the best time to do so.

All you have to do is call my office at?(512) 271-6600 and set up an appointment and mention this Special Offer Code: [$89 New Patient Special].

This offer won’t last for long so don?t delay!?(512) 271-6600 right now while it?s on your mind.

Dr. Sarah Behmanesh

P.S. Ignoring your dental pain won?t make it go away. It only gets worse ? often with horrible consequences. Modern dental techniques can get rid of your pain quickly and easily. And now you have no excuse not to get started because I?m giving you over $356 worth of ?start-up? services ? INCLUDING X-RAYS ? for only $89!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

It may be hard to believe, but there is no catch. ?Soft Touch Dental wants to show you just how great you’re going to feel as a part of the practice and is offering this amazing discount to help get you started.

What if I don't have dental insurance?

This offer is especially valuable to those who don?t have dental insurance ? and need to SAVE MONEY in order to get the dental care they need.

If that?s you ? or if you just want to take advantage of a great dental office with the latest technology for comfortable, stress-free dentistry ? please respond right away or you might miss out.

What do I do next?

Simply give us a call at?(512) 271-6600 or fill out the form below and mention the $89 Google Special! ?Do it now so you can get it done and off of your mind.

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