Cosmetic Dentistry

bee-cave-cosmetic-dentistry-woman-biting-an-appleCosmetic Dentistry? is about restoring both your smile and your self-confidence.?Cosmetic repair of your?teeth is usually?more than just cosmetic, because?it can fix?teeth that are cracked, broken, misaligned or crowded. Having your?tooth treated early?can cut down on its chances of becoming infected or abscessed. Cosmetic dentistry invariably helps you?eat and speak better, abolishes the pain of bad teeth, and improves your?overall appearance. All of this combined can give you a better outlook on life.

Cosmetic dentistry requires that your?dentist not only be a dental?technician but an artist. The cosmetic dentist must take into account the size, shape, textures, contours and color of your tooth relative to your other teeth. She must also consider your?age and gender. Women’s teeth are not only smaller than men’s but they also tend to be more round.

Your?cosmetic dentist can utilize several options?to treat your teeth. Among them are dental implants. Dental implants can be a longer, multistage process that requires a commitment on the part of both you and your?dentist. Your?dentist implants a post in your?jaw that will serve as an anchor for the new tooth, and the jaw bone will need to grow around this post.

Another cosmetic option?is porcelain veneers. These are very thin shells that are placed on a tooth that is crooked, misaligned or marred in some way. Your dentist will generally?abrade a layer of enamel from the surface of your?tooth, then bond the veneer to the tooth with an acrylic resin.

Inlays and onlays are also part of cosmetic dentistry. Your?dentist makes a cavity in a bad tooth, then fills it with resin or even gold for an inlay. For an onlay, the tooth is both filled in and the cusps of the tooth, or the biting surface, are also covered. Onlays also help prevent a weakened tooth from cracking. Onlays and inlays are often made out of alloy of metals like silver, platinum or gold, or a tooth colored porcelain or resin.

Your?cosmetic dentist can also build partial or full dentures for their patients as well as bridges. This is a crown that fills the empty spot between healthy teeth and is attached to them.

The technology of cosmetic dentistry has grown so much that your?dentist can make a crown so close to the size, shape and color of your?other teeth that only your?dentist and you?will know that the tooth isn’t natural. This is done by way of laser imaging. In the past it was done by the dentist simply eyeballing the patient’s teeth and coming up with an approximation of the shape and especially the color for?the crown.

Your Bee Cave?cosmetic dentist does many things for you beside make your smile more radiant. She also contributes greatly to your overall dental health.

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