Bone Grafting

The leading cause of tooth loss for adults is periodontal disease. Bacteria works its way between teeth and under the gumline and begins to affect the mouth’s supporting structures. In advanced stages, this can lead to bone loss to the point the jaw can no longer support teeth, making them loose and eventually fall out. At Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental, we can help strengthen your jawbone to support your natural teeth with oral bone grafting. This advanced treatment is administered safely by our expert team to reinforce your bone health and protect your natural teeth for years to come.

What is Dental Bone Grafting?

Dental bone grafting is a procedure that adds volume to deteriorated parts of the jawbone. By placing a bone graft material against the existing jawbone, the bone tissue is stimulated around a structure that allows it to regenerate and reinforce the structure of your teeth. The material used may be taken from existing bone, be sourced from an animal tissue bank, or be completely synthetic.

Oral bone grafts are common procedures that are used to successfully prevent further bone loss or reinforce the jawbone before tooth restorations. Local anesthesia is provided to make the treatment as pain-free as possible, and we’ll closely monitor your healing progress for maximum comfort while you strengthen your jawbone and preserve your natural teeth.

When is Bone Grafting Necessary?

  • To support a dental implant: During a dental implant consultation, it may be determined the jawbone isn’t strong enough to support the titanium rod. Bone grafting can increase bone density to support an implant for a long-lasting tooth replacement solution.
  • To add density to the jawbone for dentures: A healthy jawbone helps support the jawbone during denture use and prevent further deterioration. Bone grafting may be recommended before dentures for healthy and comfortable long-term use.
  • To add volume to a jaw that has lost bone density: When periodontal disease begins to affect bone density, teeth lose their supporting structure and may fall out completely. Prior intervention from bone grafting strengthens the jawbone to prevent tooth loss from infected gums.

Oral Bone Grafting Procedure

A dental bone graft procedure can be completed in a single visit. The area is first numbed with local anesthesia. Once the patient is comfortable and the anesthesia has taken effect, a small incision is made in the gums to reveal the jawbone. The area is carefully cleaned and disinfected before applying the bone grafting material. To support new bone growth, a tiny membrane is placed over the material. The gum tissue is then repositioned and closed with dental stitches.

Bone Grafting Aftercare

Slight swelling or bruising is normal after the procedure. A cold compress against the cheek in 15 to 20 minute intervals will help relieve inflammation. You may also be provided prescription medication to manage any pain over the first couple of days. Sleeping with several pillows to elevate the head prevents further swelling and discomfort. After a few days, discomfort will subside for most patients. Until the area has completely healed, we recommend opting for soft foods and avoiding hot liquids and spice to avoid irritation.

Our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have during healing. If pain is consistent after several days, you experience signs of infection around the gums, or begin to feel feverish, reach out to our team right away. It’s important to us that you heal comfortably. We’ll follow your progress until your mouth is in top shape with oral health that’s better than ever.

Reinforce Your Oral Health in Bee Cave, TX

Don’t let missing teeth or deteriorating jawbones hold you back from a confident smile. Trust Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental’s experienced team to revitalize your oral health with advanced oral bone grafting procedures. Strengthen your jawbone, improve dental implant success rates, and enhance your overall dental well-being. Contact us to schedule an appointment to unlock the potential of a truly transformative smile with exceptional, long-lasting results.

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