Cleanings & Exams

No dental care is more cost and time efficient than regular dental cleanings and exams. With the cooperative care of our dental team, you can keep your smile bright and healthy before problems arise. We understand that even routine dental visits can be daunting. It’s the reason we prioritize patient comfort with every visit, including basic dental cleanings and exams. If you’ve been searching for a dental home in Bee Cave, TX, Dr. Patel and her team are excited to welcome you to a dental experience unlike any other.

What are Dental Cleanings & Exams?

Basic dental cleanings and exams are the foundation of your oral health and dentist relationship. Proactive daily hygiene habits and a balanced diet are excellent ways to fight off tooth decay, but some issues can only be handled by your dentist. Dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildup from hard to reach areas between the teeth and around the gumline. They also give you the chance to speak with your dentist one-on-one for tips on more effective at-home care and to have any questions answered.

After your cleaning, a dental exam is a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. Our dental team will examine your teeth, gums, and oral structure to check for any disease or decay. They’ll help provide a personalized treatment plan for you, whether it’s a simple filling or more, and can suggest effective cosmetic dentistry treatments if your smile isn’t quite where you want it to be. We’ll make sure your needs are put first, so you can keep your teeth healthy with the comfort and guidance of our caring team.

Basic Dental Cleaning Process

A basic dental cleaning is a simple and efficient process that starts with removing plaque and tartar from the teeth, as well as any stains. After all the plaque and tartar have been removed, the hygienist will use special tools to finish cleaning each tooth and floss between them. Next, the dentist will examine your gums for signs of periodontal disease and make recommendations on how to improve your oral health. Finally, they will polish your teeth for a fresher, brighter smile. We’ll provide a personalized treatment plan if any follow-up visits are necessary before your next dental cleaning. Throughout this entire process, our dentist will ensure that you are comfortable for a welcoming, stress-free experience.

Oral Cancer Screening

During your dental exam, you’ll receive a quick and painless oral cancer screening. Detecting early signs of mouth cancer can be lifesaving, allowing you to receive the most prompt and effective treatment. Oral cancer symptoms include red or white patches around the gums, lip or mouth sores, and lumps around the mouth. With a simple oral cancer screening during your dental checkup, you can have peace of mind the disease is caught at the earliest stages for simpler treatment and prompt recovery.

Benefits of Dental Cleanings & Exams

  • Preventative care: Regular dental checkups remove cavity-causing plaque and bacteria, helping to stop problems before they happen. Prevent gum disease, tooth loss, tooth pain, and more with short and simple visits twice a year.
  • Affordable: Dental cleanings are the most likely procedures to be covered by insurance plans, and are affordable treatments to people without coverage as well. They help protect both your teeth and your wallet in the long run.
  • Saves your natural tooth structure: When tooth decay is restored, it comes at the cost of removing part of the natural tooth. Preventative care stops tooth decay in its tracks so you can keep your strong, natural tooth structure for as long as possible.
  • Fresher breath: Our thorough teeth cleanings remove bacteria from difficult to reach areas between teeth and around the gumline. This stops pesky bacteria from causing bad breath and leaves you with a fresher and more confident smile.
  • Brighter smiles: A professional dental cleaning reinvigorates your teeth in a way you can see and feel. With surface stains removed and polished surfaces, you’ll have a lasting, brighter smile after your visit.

How Often Should You Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

For most patients, it’s recommended to visit your dentist for a teeth cleaning every six months. This routine helps keep your teeth bacteria and decay free, and is more cost and time efficient than restorative work through neglect. We may recommend more frequent dental cleanings for patients who require extra attention. Dental cleanings typically take between 30 to 60 minutes to complete. We look forward to building a relationship with you during these short visits so you’re well taken care of and comfortable while you improve your oral health.

Protect and Brighten Your Smile in Bee Cave, TX

At Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental, our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile. Our treatment plans are individually designed and fully transparent at every step. With routine dental cleanings and exams, we’ll work together to achieve your healthy smile goals. To book your next dental cleaning in our Bee Cave, TX office, get in touch with us today.

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