Your natural teeth may be one of the strongest structures in your body, but occasionally they could use a little reinforcement. When a tooth is weakened or damaged, dental crowns can restore their appearance and functionality for years of healthy smiles. At Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental, our dental crown procedures are expertly provided for safe, comfortable restorations. You’ll protect your natural teeth and give them the help they need to stay thriving and healthy for years to come.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are restorative treatments that encase a tooth that has been damaged through decay or physical trauma. Also known as tooth caps, they provide long-lasting protection from further damage or decay to the natural tooth. They’re great restorative options when decay or damage to a tooth is too severe for dental fillings to repair, and provide a durable solution that can comfortably match the appearance and function of the rest of your natural teeth.

Tooth crowns have several restorative and cosmetic applications:

    • Protecting and reinforcing cracked or damaged teeth

    • Strengthening a tooth weakened from fillings or tooth decay

    • Restoring worn down teeth from habitual grinding or use

    • Covering a discolored tooth

    • Supporting a dental bridge to restore a missing tooth

Types of Dental Crowns

A dental crown can be fabricated from a variety of materials. Each type of dental crown has unique attributes to meet different needs. During your consultation, we’ll review our recommendations and pricing with you so you’ll know you’re receiving the best treatment for your circumstances.

    • Metal crowns: Made from a variety of metals, these crowns are often the most durable and cost-effective solution. The increased durability makes them excellent choices for chewing-intensive molars in the back of the mouth. They also require less tooth structure to be removed to protect the natural structure of your teeth.

    • Porcelain or ceramic crowns: These crowns are made from a durable zirconia compound. These are preferred options for patients with metal allergies. Best of all, they most strongly resemble the color of natural teeth for an aesthetically pleasing result. Porcelain or ceramic options are perfect for visible front tooth crowns, but may be placed on any tooth instead of their metal counterparts.

Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crown procedures are typically completed in two visits. We’ll begin by preparing the tooth for the crown. A small amount of enamel is removed from the outside layer of the tooth to make space for an effective bond. Next, dental impressions are made of the tooth to build a custom-fitted crown. These impressions are sent to a dental lab to create your permanent crown. Until this crown is ready, we place a temporary crown over your tooth to protect it against bacteria.

During your follow-up appointment, the temporary crown is gently removed from the tooth. The permanent crown will take its place, and we’ll closely examine the shape and fit next to the rest of your teeth. At this time, the shade can be further modified to match the existing shade of your smile for an incredibly natural restoration. The permanent crown will then be bonded into place with a strong dental adhesive for years of reinforcement and protection.

Dental Crown Maintenance

Dental crowns are long-term restorative solutions that can last between 10 to 15 years with proper care. To get the most of your restorations, continue practicing effective oral habits by brushing and flossing twice a day. Avoid using your dental crowns to bite down on especially sticky or crunchy foods, like caramels, taffy, hard breads, and granola. Finally, schedule regular checkups with us twice a year. We’ll check in on your dental crowns and make sure your oral health is in good order for years of healthy smiles.

Expertly Crafted Dental Crowns in Bee Cave, TX

Don’t wait any longer to restore your smile with Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental’s high-quality dental crown services. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction through the entire process. Schedule your appointment with our and experience a seamless journey towards a healthier, more radiant smile.

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