Dental Fillings

Most people will, at some time, require dental fillings. In the majority of cases, a tooth damaged by decay or fracture can be filled and restored to its former state. Chipped amalgam or metal fillings can be replaced with white composite fillings, greatly improving a person?s appearance.

Choosing the type of filling material to be used will be a decision made by the patient with the dentist?s recommendation. Metal fillings are generally unsightly and take away from an otherwise beautiful smile. There is also research that shows that silver/mercury fillings pose a health risk, but modern dental treatment means fillings are done using state of the art equipment and porcelain or tooth-colored resin. These white fillings will eliminate that ?black? look that often occurs with metal fillings over time and have proven to be long-lasting. They will look and feel more natural and will enhance your smile.

White Fillings Versus Silver Amalgam Fillings

The majority of our patients who visit for treatment prefer the white filling composites. The composites feel more comfortable and look much more natural. While the silver/mercury amalgams are sensitive to extreme temperature changes, this is not a problem with white composites.

White fillings fuse to the tooth to strengthen it and to restore it to its former shape. Silver fillings have been known to cause teeth to weaken and in some cases the tooth may break apart. Because restoring a tooth using a composite means that less of the tooth be removed than with metal fillings, they are a less expensive option.? Given the health risk now associated with silver fillings due to traces of mercury, white composites are considered the healthiest alternative.

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