Although it’s always our goal to preserve your natural teeth, sometimes tooth extraction will be the best path forward for your oral health. We only recommend tooth removal when it’s absolutely necessary. It may seem intimidating, but we ensure the entire process is gentle, safe, and painless. At the end, you’ll improve your oral health and have a trusted team at your side to continually enhance your appearance and well-being.

When are Dental Extractions Necessary?

  • Severe decay: Once tooth decay reaches the pulp, restorative treatments may no longer be sufficient to save its health. In such cases, preserving the tooth becomes a challenge. We’ll assess the health of the tooth with x-rays, and if it’s determined root canal treatment won’t be effective, pulling the tooth may be necessary.
  • Loose teeth from periodontal disease: Periodontal disease is the infection of your gums. Advanced gum disease can lead to receding gums and loose teeth. In these cases, we may suggest tooth removal and treatments to help protect remaining teeth.
  • Physical damage: In many situations we can repair cracked or damaged teeth with restorative options. If the damage is too severe, tooth extraction may be recommended to relieve pain and discomfort until a replacement option for the missing tooth is provided.
  • Orthodontic issues: When a tooth emerges crooked or impacted, it may cause overcrowding, shifting, or damage to surrounding teeth. Dental extraction can preserve your smile and relieve tooth and jaw pain to support a straighter, healthier smile.

Tooth Extraction Process

We place patient comfort and trust at the forefront during the tooth extraction process. Beginning with a comprehensive examination and X-rays, the dentist assesses the tooth’s condition and surrounding tissues. To ensure a comfortable experience, local anesthesia is administered. With utmost care and precision, the dentist gently loosens, lifts, and extracts the tooth, minimizing any discomfort. Our dental team offers post-operative instructions to promote healing and provides follow-up care to ensure optimal recovery. We’re committed to comprehensive dental care that ensures that patients feel at ease throughout the entire extraction process.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

After a tooth extraction procedure, the area is gently packed with gauze to manage bleeding. We’ll provide instructions on when to change the packing to protect the socket and prevent infection. It’s important to keep the area clean to promote safe healing. Gentle rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution or antimicrobial mouthwash, and continue brushing and flossing as normal. Pay special attention to avoid brushing against the socket until instructed to do so. We also recommend avoiding hard, crunchy, or spicy foods. Stick to softer options such as soups, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, and smoothies until the area has healed.

Most patients will be free of discomfort in a couple of days. If you experience any symptoms of infection, call us immediately for an emergency visit for prompt care. Signs of infection are nausea, fever, swelling, bleeding that doesn’t stop, or trouble breathing. Our team will be at your side to ensure your healing process is safe and effective until you’re back to full health.

Gentle Tooth Removal in Bee Cave, TX

Tooth extraction is only recommended when it benefits your overall health. Our team is here to assure you and provide a comfortable experience so you can prevent further problems with a trusting team. We’ll help take away the intimidation so you can achieve a healthy smile you can be proud of. For a stress-free dental experience, schedule an appointment with our caring team at Bee Cave Soft Touch Dental today.

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