Root Canal

A root canal filling is a procedure that involves extracting the decayed pulp from the center of the tooth and replacing it with filler to make it strong. Superficial decay on a tooth can cause a cavity to develop. If the cavity is ignored the decay may burrow beneath the tooth and cause extensive damage to the tooth’s structure. If a decayed tooth is left untreated and the damage cannot be rectified with an ordinary filling, the dentist may recommend a root canal filling (endodontic). The treatment will preserve the tooth; restore it to its former state and save the tooth from being extracted.. The patient is anesthetized
. The tooth is isolated using a dental dam
. Dead or infected dental pulp is removed when the tooth is opened
. The tooth is thoroughly cleaned – this includes cleaning canals and cracks
. The surgeon uses special tools to reshape the canals
. The tooth is refilled using cutting edge bio-compatible material
. A temporary cover is placed over the surface of the tooth

The patient must visit their own dentist as soon as possible. He or she will be able to restore the tooth permanently.

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