Drinking certain beverages such as coffee, tea and soda can cause your teeth to become darker over time, as can the use of tobacco or a lack of dental hygiene. Some illnesses or medication taken as a child can also cause discolored teeth. Our dental whitening team considers restoration of your natural smile their top priority. We have several options for easy and convenient teeth whitening to give you that great looking smile.

Whiter teeth have become a vastly growing trend today. At Soft Touch Dental, teeth whitening is expected to?become one of our most frequently requested services. Although the demand for over-the counter products has increased as well, we recommend that this procedure be performed by a professional.

Each patient is an individual and has different needs. At our practice, our goal is to meet those needs in the most comfortable and professional way possible. In only one visit, you can enjoy whiter, brighter teeth. One method of whitening that our trained and professional staff uses is a hydrogen peroxide gel-activated solution. It is both gentle and effective and will transform your smile.

Schedule an appointment today for an evaluation on how you can obtain that brighter, whiter smile that will transform your appearance and your self-confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

How Does Whitening Affect My Teeth?

You should obtain a thorough dental examination before having any teeth whitening procedure carried out. The process is not recommended if you have cracks, leaky fillings or dental decay as nerves in the tooth may be irritated by the whitening solution. This often leads to discomfort, and in extreme cases, some type of endodontic treatment may be required. For patients with bridges, fillings and crowns teeth whitening will not be appropriate as they cannot whiten dental work. If you decide to whiten your teeth you might consider having new restorations done so that they will match your new shade of teeth.

Can I Whiten My Teeth Myself?

Yes, although because most of the over the counter whitening kits contain a low concentration of effective ingredients, they are not nearly as effective as having a professional whiten your teeth. Professional products designed to whiten the teeth contain a higher amount of these ingredients, making them more effective. It is also safer and more comfortable to have your teeth whitened by a professional and you can be assured that the procedure is being carried out thoroughly and correctly.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Whitening?

To ensure no risk or damage to the nerves in your teeth, make sure that fillings and other restorative work are completed before you have your whitening session. A dentist should closely monitor the whitening if you have any cracks or fractures in your teeth, however small. Whitening treatment of any teeth with cracks or fractures should be discontinued if the teeth become sensitive or painful during the process.

Is There Anything I Should Do After Whitening?

It can take up to one or two weeks to complete the whitening process and to see any noticeable difference in the color of your teeth. During those first two weeks, be mindful of habits such as smoking and the kinds of food and drink you consume; you should avoid consuming those foods and drinks that can potentially stain your newly whitened teeth. To make sure that your teeth have a perfect color match and have bonded securely, you should avoid any composite bonding during that two week period. Even after the initial two week period has passed, you may want to cut down on tea, coffee, soda and smoking as those things can still potentially stain your teeth. Having regular appointments with your dentist for follow up and retouches will also help to maintain healthy and great looking white teeth.

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